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Why not try something else? It is just hard sometimes to discern what that reinforcement might be. Life is full of uncertainty and random catastrophe. It is easy, therefore, to justify almost any anxiety. The list of fears that people carry with them is long and varied, and a function of the information with which we are bombarded. We arm ourselves against mythical intruders and ignore the reality that family members are the most likely victims of the guns we buy.

Meanwhile, the real risks to our welfare— smoking, overeating, not fastening seat belts, social injustice, and the people we elect to office— provoke little anxiety.

"Are You Too Late, Or Was I Too Early?"

A good case of healthy denial helps, but the real secret is selective attention. If we choose to focus our awareness and energy on those things and people that bring us pleasure and satisfaction, we have a very good chance of being happy in a world full of unhappiness. More important is the fact that, if we can do this for other people, we may be able do it for ourselves.

They ask themselves, is this what I have to look forward to?

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Will I become a collection of physical complaints and recurrent reminiscences of an earlier, better time? To laugh at ourselves is to acknowledge the ultimate futility of our efforts to stave off the depredations of time. In the case of depression, the behavior that needs changing generally involves overcoming inertia and fatigue enough to do things that predictably make us feel better.

The more choices we are able to exercise, the happier we are likely to be.

Too Soon, Too Late

If we take counsel of our fears, particularly our fear of change, it is hard to choose a life that makes us happy. Is it anxiety or lack of imagination that restricts us? I tell them I like the words of Raymond Carver: And did you get what you wanted from this life, even so? I did. And what did you want?

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Fate, it seems, has a sense of humor. You might also like my notes on Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday.

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