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The Boundless Sect was deep in the heart of the Ten Thousand Swords Mountain, but its influence was fated to spread throughout the entire country - no, throughout the entire human territory. He had accidentally explained too much to Shi Mingfeng, but his requests were not too extreme. Su Chen opened his mouth to make the request, and Shi Mingfeng agreed. He was a wanted criminal amongst Long Sang Country and had a wealth of combat experience, so it was not wrong to consider him equal in strength to a Spirit Burning Realm cultivator.

Even so, that was the extent of his strength. No matter how powerful he was, it was impossible for him to be more powerful than Li Chongshan. Yes, Su Chen had never planned on making a move personally from the very beginning. The result was obvious, given that two Spirit Burning Realm cultivators, two Light Shaking Realm cultivators, and a hundred Yang Opening Realm cultivators had participated. Su Chen glanced them over before putting them aside.

To him, the most important thing to focus his attention on was his research and cultivation.

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During this period of time, more and more outsiders began to show up. First, Iron Cliff brought the Hurricane Stoneskins back with him.

He had fulfilled this promise, as the Ten Thousand Swords Mountain was vast and could house these Stoneskins anywhere. Su Chen allowed Iron Cliff to personally pick out a peak that the Hurricane Stoneskins could live in. There, the Stoneskins would receive equal treatment as the other humans. Their arrival resolved a big problem that Su Chen had to deal with, which was a deficit in businessmen. Now, they were demonstrating their worth to Su Chen. In truth, Su Chen did not need properties so much as he needed the talent that had come from managing so many businesses for all these years.

These people had been around for many years, and such a position was quite a good one. Time flew by. In the blink of an eye, a year had passed. In this single year, the Boundless Sect had managed to steadily build up some kind of a foundation. Instead, he placed most of his attention on reorganizing and centralizing his own strength. The might of the raging flames it unleashed was unrivaled.

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His physical body was similar to that of the Ravagers as well. His vitality was vigorous, growing and multiplying endlessly, and he also possessed the Fata Morgana to confuse his opponents and Whitetower Teleportation to agilely move across the battlefield. The only main regret Su Chen had was that his ability to use thunder had not progressed much. The Thunder Blade could not keep up with his steady rate of advancement, so Su Chen could only rely on the Primordial Blood Aspect for normal attacks and lacked the support of common Origin Skills.

Thick & Fast™ Flash Extensions Effect Mascara

Su Chen could only take things slowly in this regard. He carefully copied down the inscriptions on its surface, sensing the profoundly thick energy contained within. His microscopic eye carefully took in everything as he did his best to see through its secrets. Just as he was growing impatient, Iron Cliff appeared. Su Chen was surprised to hear about Cloud Leopard. Sign Up Now!

If things are happening thick and fast, they are happening so fast they seemed to be joined together.

How to grow long, thick, and healthy hair FAST!

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