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Though he only hoped to avenge his family, Drew's investigation uncovers more than any of them could have hoped for. Unwittingly, they are thrust into an adventure where in they will face evil, the supernatural, and, ultimately, the truth behind their very existence. For more info: thelostsoulsofbellvalley. Enterprise Get your team aligned with all the tools you need on one secure, reliable video platform.

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ENTER THE CABINET OF LOST SECRETS | - Nozstock: The Hidden Valley - Festival July

After killing a mob, stay nearby and use provided Dead Ringer to recover the soul. Better pull few mobs and kill them close to each other, so Dead Ringer recovers few souls at once. Lost, Not Forgotten - www. Comment by varenne Kill soldiers at Addington Shipywards then use Dead Ringer near their corpses to recover souls. Comment by Abtronic Im so stuck. I don't have the ringer on the quest where you run over the magic bridge. I have abandon the quest and took it again but no ringer.

Part of Stormsong and Dance. Brother Pike 2. Brother Pike 3.

  • Lost Souls - Chapter 69.
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Brother Pike 4. Brother Pike 5. Taelia 6. Taelia 7. Brother Pike will follow you. Brother Pike 8.

Brother Pike 9. Samuel Williams Rest in the Depths Brother Pike - You need to help to complete the ritual of release.

LOK'd Room Escape

Use Dead Ringer for that. Brother Pike is in Seafarer's Rest. Brother Pike Taelia Is on norteast in The Brineworks. Now you need to kill Riptide and back to Seafarer's Rest.