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It feels scary.

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People might not like it, or they might not like us. But when the truth of who you are inside is the same as the way you live your life on the outside, things start to fall into place.

You know which decisions make sense for you. You start to see your own direction. You know what to keep in your life, and what to let go of. Finding yourself might be your next step toward living a truly simple life. Sign up today for our FREE newsletter and experience happiness. I highly recommend this course.

Being Who You Are You might know who you are on the inside, and still not know how to be that person on the outside. There are three parts to this one. It may seem like a tedious exercise, but if you stick with it, patterns will start to emerge. Well, I have a little trick: If you think about what interests you in abstract terms, you may have an easier time connecting the dots.

Your Next Step Toward a Simpler Life

For example, I love learning about astronomy because it deals with big and complex problems, ideas can be backed up with data, and the field is always changing as we learn new things about the universe. If I frame what I like about astronomy in professional terms, it makes sense that I like work that enables me to tackle big, messy problems, analyze data, and execute new plans in an environment that is always changing. Once you have your list of ideas, think: What are your favorite types of substantive conversations?

What are your favorite podcasts and blogs about? Are there any events or activities you participate in that are about a particular subject? Jot down three to five bullet points under each one, making note of why they excite you.

Design a Simple Life

Then take a look at the list you created and try to pull out commonalities across ideas. This may sound like a lot, but initially quantity is more important than quality as you want to get a sense of a wide variety of roles in different industries based on the results of your introspection.

And speaking of prepared, bring a standard set of open-ended questions. Why or why not? Developing your intuitive guidance gives you a skill that you will have for life.

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When we are able to hear our intuition we become much more clear in life, less overwhelmed, negative, stuck and frustrated. We become more hopeful, optimistic, happy and in-flow rather than hopeless and prone to feeling confused and giving up. Whether you think you have intuition or not - you do. My exceptional process will allow you to develop your intuitive guidance with ease and excitement. If we do not learn to hear our intuition we will continue to live from a fear-filled place.

Anxiety and stress will be the norm and you will continue to feel pressured to do what you "should" do, rather than what your intuition is telling you to do. Do you want to be more healthy? Able to travel more? Settled down with the love of your life? Living in your dream home? Rockin' a successful business?

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We go through a unique process to uncover and see the life you are about to create. This is a powerful and life-changing experience because you start to be able to step into what you have only dreamed of previously!

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The one we are made for. Based on what your visions and goals are, we set you up with new healthy habits to incorporate into your daily life. These are fun, feel-good and really effective for creating change.