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Join our mailing list and you'll receive a submission link each month. Submit your coolest, funniest, craziest, scariest, or most memorable story about the artist whose tickets we are giving away and we will pick our favorite story! He asked us what we'd be doing on a Thursday if we weren't in Albany, and we told him we'd be singing karaoke. When he heard that, he said he was going to get us up on stage!

We did not believe it until he spoke to the band during their break, and they wound up inviting my friend up to sing "Picture" by Kidd Rock and Cheryl Crow. She rocked it! To cap off the awesome evening, we got a call a few nights later to tell us that we had won the Zac Brown Band tickets and that we were the only people to enter!! We were shocked at our luck that night, but unfortunately, Charlene wasn't able to make it to the show. I took my twin instead, and it was like she doubled my luck! When we showed up to catch the bus to the show, we were surprised with a giant Hummer limo loaded with beverages for us and the Pub crew!!

We both loved the concert, and afterward, we missed a text from the bar owner telling us to get on the bus if we wanted to go home and onto the limo if we wanted to go out. We just figured we were supposed to go back to the limo, so they wound up taking us out on the town all over Saratoga! Totally unexpected awesomeness, and we absolutely loved every second of it. We felt like such VIP's! It was April and unusually warm. We opened the windows, the doors, the patio and prepped for steady service. Steady was an understatement. We were slammed. I followed my trainer for the first hour until she threw me to the wolves.

Take the bar area. Paak album we constantly had pounding through the restaurant. Immediately, I was in it; taking orders, rattling off our drink specials, understating wait times, listening to Anderson. Paak tell me, "Let it be yours, let it carry you.

Sweep the fear from your heart. An older couple ordered two martinis: gin, dry, with a twist, dirty ice on the side. They were gentle and kind and knew how to drink. More importantly, they were gracious when the bartender messed up their order I checked on them often, chatted when I could, gave them another round on the house, and moved onto the next.

It was a crazy, successful, overwhelming first night. I walked home singing that song I had heard for the first time, the one that resonated with me in a meaningful way. I let that night be mine. Two years went by and I was graduating college and moving on to a career, to a new life, to New York City.

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I approached a two-top. She introduced herself and her husband, and I told her they were like bookends to my serving stint. It was my last night working at the restaurant. I made sure their drinks were right and their night was enjoyable, sadly not realizing when they left. Counting receipts and tips at the end of the night, I came to their table. With a grin, I finished my shift drink, said goodbye to the bartender and walked out with a familiar song playing in the background.

If you need it then go there. If you see what you want, then go there. Now, I think this is considered cheating, but last year, I hosted msnbp at the Verb. I hosted my two sisters and two best friends at the Hotel for balloons shaped like moons, gypsy-themed wines, and Fleetwood Mac-inspired drinking games.

You get the picture. The bartenders noticed a theme with my group and played Fleetwood Mac in the bar to narrate my future hangover.

If you need photographic proof of the debauchery, just ask! In Hughie , the main character Erie cracks a lot of jokes. There are a lot of laughs and there is a cautiously optimistic end to the play. But in the end, it would be hard to say that particular play is cautiously optimistic. How are you and the actors working to mine the humor and the pathos in these characters?

He and I first worked together 40 years ago. And we have thought a little bit about the fact that this is inadvertently the year anniversary of us first working together. So all of us bring that sort of โ€” the whiskers on your life, so to speak โ€” to it. We try to have some fun in rehearsals โ€” not hard with these two guys. Do you remember what you thought of these plays when you first encountered them? I had no idea what the hell was going on, no idea whatsoever. Now, mind you, it was a year-old graduate student in age makeup who was performing it, which may have somewhat impeded my understanding of what was happening.

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But I remember, in my innocence, just not getting the point of the play. Moving the Northampton date means the band will now play 6 shows in a row, not 7. Mike Scott says "I can't sing 7 nights in a row without losing some of my voice, so we've moved The Calvin by a day which makes a big difference. We need this broadcast because wide radio promotion isn't something we often get offered in North America. I'm really sorry that this means everyone who bought tickets to The Calvin has to bring their night out forward by a day, especially as the original date was a Friday.

We will pull out all the stops to make it up to you and will make The Calvin a super special show". More shows will be announced soon. For a complete list of Autumn shows confirmed so far, visit our shows section of the site. He told us: "When I made the film of the Strangers dancing back in February I didn't know them and they didn't know me, but yesterday when I arrived they gave me a wonderfully warm welcome and I had the honour of being introduced to every member of the club by their leader Kazuyo Inui.


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Then the club founder, Mr Jess Yamanaka, arrived with great charisma. I could feel the true spirit of rock and roll radiating from them.

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They presented me a club T shirt and rocker's comb and we all posed for photos together. That's Yamanaka san beside me with the pale hat and Kazuyo Inui on my other side, with collar up. If you haven't seen the video for London Mick yet, you can watch it here.

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The full Festival schedule, including Waterboys date and time, will be released soon. Tickets for this show are on sale now here. You can find out more information about the festival here. Tickets are available here. Tickets go on sale Friday 19 July at noon local time here. You can find a full list of dates confirmed so far in our shows section here.

Stay tuned for more autumn show announcements to come. I thought it would sound good with mine, and it did! If you missed The Waterboys session for Chris Evans you can listen again here. The Waterboys segment begins roughly 90 minutes in. And a mystery - where was Brother Paul? Brother Paul was at home in Nashville, celebrating his birthday. Barcelona friends, if you would like to be in the audience when The Waterboys perform live for a TV show on the evening of July 11th send an email to: publicolavinia lavinia. They are:.

Tickets go on sale Fri 12 July at 10am here. This is right around the corner. Get your tickets today! Presale tickets are available now here. General ticket sale begins Fri 28 June at 12 noon.

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A full European tour is being booked for November, and the next two shows in addition to Oslo on 1st Nov have just been announced. The Bullingdon Club - a tribute bullingdonclub BorisJohnson davidcameron pic. It can be purchased from Amazon Japan here. They will play on the Field Of Heaven stage. You can find out more about the festival, including an amazing line up here.