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ABSITE Review Questions Breast Anatomy

No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Absite Review 2. Head and Neck 3. She has an enlarged and tender thyroid. She is diagnosed with acute thyroiditis What is the treatment? What is the diagnosis? What tests will determine if a 14 year old with a family history of medullary thyroid cancer has MENIIb? Breast Level III axillary lymph nodes are? Level 3 is not routinely taken. A 22 year old woman presents with a red, painful breast. She is post partum and breast feeding.

What should be her treatment plan?

Continue breast feeding. Nutrition The most abundant amino acid is? Valine d. Tryptophan e.

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A 75 year old woman underwent a Whipple procedure for pancreatic cancer. Her post op course was complicated by an anastomotic leak. She is still on mechanical ventilation post op day 26, with two failed attempts at extubation. In the operating room, a 1.

Effects of Implementing a Breast Surgery Rotation on ABSITE Scores and Surgical Case Volume.

A CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis reveals diffuse bulky retroperitoneal lymphadenopathy. Biopsy reveals pleomorphic adenoma. Best treatment is? FNA of mass is non-diagnostic. Open biopsy returns the diagnosis of thyroid tissue. What is the most commonly broken bone in the hand? Tip of finger becomes tender and erythematous. What is the best treatment option?

The most commonly injured nerve is? Patient is diagnosed with basal skull fracture. Initial treatment is?

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The best study to show the etiology is? Next step in management is? Organism most commonly causing osteomyolitis in a patient with sickle cell disease? Drug most commonly associated with TEN toxic epidermal necrolysis? Presentation of most common nerve injury associated with this fracture is?

General Surgery Review Questions (Part 1) - CRASH! Medical Review Series

Treatment for the patient? The nerve most commonly injured? Pt is hemodynamically stable. CT scan of abdomen shows a grade 2 renal injury. The best management is? The correct order that cells arrive for wound healing? Source of free oxygen radicals in reperfusion injury? Biopsy shows Squamous cell carcinoma. Physical exam reveals a tender ropy mass on palpation. Best treatment of this patient is? He is uncircumsized.

Biopsy is squamous cell carcinoma. Appropriate treatment is? Lance Armstrong, 7-time Tour de France winner, had non-seminomatous testicular cancer. What tumor marker was elevated? A 30 yo female is brought to HUP, at 2 am, after being hit by a car a the corner of 13 th and Walnut.

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Primary survey is unremarkable. On secondary survey blood is noticed coming from her vagina. Rectal exam reveals a high-riding prostate. What study is mandatory in this patient? Which of the following cancers has the lowest incidence of bone metastases? All of the following are metablized by either the liver or the kidneys except? A 36 yo female on steroids for treatment of sarcoidosis presents with acute appendicitis.

After uncomplicated appendectomy, the patient should be given? One gram of nitrogen contains how many grams of protein? Most common collagen in the body? Most sensitive test to find a gastrinoma? All of the following are involved in change of a colon adenoma to carcinoma except? All the following are associated with a VIPoma except?

The first step is treatment is?

Breast Anatomy

Remember, the exam is not up to the here and now. Treatment includes? Describe chronology of activation of pancreatic exocrine enzymes. What are causes of early and late dumping syndrome? Which vagal nerve gives off the celiac branch? Name three actions of CCK. What is the most common post-vagotomy symptom?

How does omeprazole work?

What is the main hormone needed for duct development?

What are the different effects on emptying of liquids and solids by proximal vs. How is dumping syndrome treated? Which vagal nerve gives off the hepatic branch? Which vagal nerve gives off the criminal nerve of Grassi? What if this is not divided during vagotomy?

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After small bowel resection, what compound causes small bowel mucosal hypertrophy? What is the composition of bile?